Day 98: Guess what…

Yep, more running, and some walking but basically more running. I feel these blog posts are getting a little repetitive and I am going to have to do something exciting and new soon to break up all the running…for now however it is basically running.


yes, that’s it in a nutshell 😀 not that you could run in a nutshell, it doesn’t seem that practical. But that’s what I have been doing running.

ww running

Like that! Well, not quite like that…I was wearing more clothes because UK in October!!

buffy running

Not quite like that either…I wasn’t inside for a start, or wearing a coat…


I ran after work. I was going to run at lunch but had to post some shoes to people who bought them so after work it was. I did a short run. I am doing two types of runs at the moment, long(ish) ones where I use set intervals and try to go further and increase my intervals a bit. And short ones where I don’t have set intervals and I try to run as much as I can. I am allowed to walk when necessary but have to run again as soon as I can. thus attempting to increase my continuous running capacity 😀

This was a short one, there was definitely more running, and the walks I did were much shorter I also felt better at the end of it! I feel like there is progress of sorts 😀

On the graph, the red dots are walking and the blue green dots are running. there is much more green than red 😀

Day 98 Done with a run 😀

17 thoughts on “Day 98: Guess what…

    1. I agree, it makes very little sense…
      I guess there is something in the superhero lifestyle that leads to inappropriate clothing!
      It is in the remit of a warrior goddess however to have fancy leggings on her at all times 😀

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      1. Hang on, do you think Boris and Nigel are secret superheroes, hence the inappropriate style of dress? Or maybe they are just degenerates.
        Warrior Goddesses are always impeccably dressed!!

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      2. I think they are either degenerates or wannabe supervillains!
        Male superheros normally wear trousers, they just wear their pants outside them…
        warrior goddesses rely on fancy leggings to be honest 😀

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      1. Hmm, that might be rather a large ask. Perhaps they could start with putting on the trousers and spending a while in solitary.

        Obviously, both of them in different solitarys, because it wouldn’t work otherwise…

        It wouldn’t be solitary…

        It would…oh, hang it. Where’s that gin?

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