Reboot Day 101: not at all like room 101

Although it did contain some things I don’t like very much… Namely Shaun T’s “level 1 drills” these are like crazy burpees which (for some reason) involve 4 press ups and some mountain climber legs O_O they are effective but not the most fun in the world. They wouldn’t be the thing I encountered in Room 101 mindΒ  you. I am not sure what would be. I must have a greatest fear but I am not going to sit here and analyse it!

Plyo Cardio CircuitAnyway…In case you hadn’t guessed I did an Insanity work out on Friday! It was Plyometric cardio circuit and it was hard!! I remember it being hard… but I had pretty much wiped out the memory of all of the exercises. It all came flooding back in short order mind you!

I remembered extremely quickly why the first time I did this I was convinced Shaun T was trying to kill me!!

He probably wasn’t…it isn’t a good business model πŸ™‚

Even if he was, I survived! I remembered that I like the Insanity workouts even if they are stupidly hard! I will be doing more, although I can’t promise I will be doing them every day!

10 thoughts on “Reboot Day 101: not at all like room 101

    1. Mountain climber legs are not as scary as nuns…they mainly involve having your hands and feet on the floor and running your feet in and out while your hands stay in place!

      I can well believe that room 101 would be full of nuns…or those terrifying monks with big hoods that go all the way over their heads…
      or bananananas!

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      1. Mountain climber legs are not as much fun as the ones you do with dusters on your feet, which is now my way of cleaning floors, by the way.
        Maybe it is full of nuns and monks waving bananas! Whilst watched by spiders.

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      2. They are not as fun as duster feet! Dusters on your feet is the only possible way of cleaning floors as far as I am concerned!! 😊
        I don’t know it I want to think about nuns and monks waving bananananas 😱
        Especially not with spiders in the mix too…
        mind you with any luck the monks with banananas would be too busy menacing the nuns to notice us and we can sneak out the back door..
        I am assuming room 101 has a back door..

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      3. We can bloody well kick a hole in the wall if it doesn’t!
        Also, monks menacing nuns with bananas sounds like a very dodge erotic film. Another good reason why these three things should never exist.

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      4. I will keep my new rock boots on at all times for emergency walk kicking!!
        I thought it sounded like the very same thing!! Can we shut all three things in a room on their own and brick up the doors?

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      5. Excellent plan!
        Then we can go around unencumbered by worries of dodgy monk / nun / banananana action!
        Brick’em up and bring on the gin!!
        need to make sure they aren’t wearing new rocks first thought…although it is unlikely as nuns have hooves, monks go barefoot and bananananas are not allowed boots…

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