Reboot days 104 – 105: Two days of walking and rehab…

Day 104: Monday

Monday morning brought an unexpectedly early start followed by some leg and hip prodding and poking and stretching…

I think the official term is sports therapy with some sports massage in there too… but basically it boils down to poking and prodding and pushing on bits that hurt…

Still, it is effective and I felt better when I walked out than I did when I hobbled in!! I also learned exactly what is wrong with me. Well…exactly what is wrong with my hip at any rate πŸ˜€

tfl itbI have an overuse injury in my apparently super tight TFL and ITB. The ITB (illiotibial band) is the long band of stuff that runs down the ouside of your leg from hip to knee and the TFL (Tenser Fascia Latae) is the muscle that attaches it to the pelvis.

Apparently it does more work than it is meant to when your glutes are not doing what they should while you are running.

This is quite common when you suddenly increase the amount of runnign you are doing, in fact Matt had predicted it before the appointment!

So apparently my left glute is not working very well…or to put it another way, I have an unbalanced bottom O_O Still at least I know that now and can fix it…

Because of all this prodding and injury I was advised by Matt not to run for a day or two. So, like a good patient I didn’t run on monday, I went for a walk in my luchbreak instead!

Look a picture of my feet, that proves I was walking… or something.

Day 105: Tuesday

Tuesday started as is has every week in living memory (well 4 years) with a PT session. The benefit of your personal trainer and your sports therapist being the same person is they can do rehab exercises with you in your PT session and they know exactly which ones you have to do…

Miraculously, by Tuesday morning I had no hip pain at all! woohoo!

However, I still had to do crazy (effective but crazy) rehab exercises and still wasn’t allowed to run!

PS-supine-sl-lock-bridge-4-e1426720809248PT consisted of Squats with elastic bands around my knees…but not in the way I normally do these. The elastic band anchored me to a post there was on loop of the band around each knee and it pulled me forwards so I had to resist and pull back while squatting… this was tricky to say the least. It also contained single leg bridges with the leg not on the floor held tucked in so that it cant help. I had to do these on both legs…because of balance and such… there was also time on a recumbent bike, which is a wierd thing but designed for rehab so seemed appropriate…

I decided, to follow instructions too…I didn’t run eve though I felt like I possibly could… I walked again πŸ˜€

As you can see there were quite a lot of leaves!

Pretty ones too πŸ™‚ you get to see some good things when wandering around πŸ™‚

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,


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