I did a running thing…

I ran a 10K!!!

I was going to lead up to that with some sort of suspense building preamble… apparently I am excited about it and I blurted it out just like that!

A couple of months ago, when it seemed very far off in both time and running ability, I entered the Thruxton 10k race. It seemed like a good idea at the time, it was a race around a race circuit. By which I mean a car/motorbike racing circuit which we were running around. Not at the same time as cars or bikes…that would be tricky…


It is a little race track (says she who doesn’t really know how long a race track normally is…) but 10k was 2 laps plus a bit so it seems little to me.

Well…it didn’t at the time at the time it seemed long, and possibly never ending… twice… which makes no sense. but I was running, no sense is the best sense you are going to get when I am running.

Anyway…this 10k was around a race track (as I may have mentioned) it was also superhero themed and really small!

Superhero themes I can deal with…I practically live my life superhero themed after all 😀

The small was harder to cope with… by small I mean it was a small field. No, not in a small field it was on a race track we have established this…there were not many runners. The problem with races with not many runners is there is nowhere to hide :-/ races like that with not many people in are normally entered by people who are certain of their running abilities. You don’t get the plethora of walkers, hobblers and people generally trying their best who are not all that quick. This made the whole thing particularly terrifying to me in my capacity as a slow ploddy run walk interval person… however realising that as I arrived at the race track made it far too late to do anything but plod along around the course and hope for the best…

and you know what it was actually ok! I was slow but I followed my interval plan and just kept going! I was on my own most of the way, everyone else disappearing into the distance rapidly.

Well on my own until people reappeared and lapped me… weirdly this didn’t bother me. I expected to hate it and be a crying mess when people went past and finished and I had to carry on but I wasn’t. The people passing me gave me thumbs up and said encouraging things and what is even more strange is I didn’t feel patronised!!

So I just carried on and I did the 10K 😁

And I wasn’t last! There were at least 3 people behind me and it is amazing how motivating the desire not to be last can be 😁

This race was an extremely positive experience! I fully expected to hate it but I didn’t at all! I wasn’t expecting great things as I hadn’t run 10K since 2015 but it ended up being the second quickest 10K I have ever done! I wasn’t last and I didn’t die and more than that it is the first time ever (possibly second) I came out of a race feeling proud of myself!!

Proud of my friend Susie too who won the women’s race and her daughter who won the under 20s class! Blooming awesome I say!!

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