A(nother) new venture and a new schedule

Good morning people of the world!

yes I am being optimistic about my blog reach…why not!

First the new venture…

I have decided to try my h and at writing fiction 🙂 I have chosen the Otters of time to be the subjects of this fiction, they are adventurous scamps so should get up to some fantastic antics…

To see what they are up to go and have a lookhere https://otterchronicles.wordpress.com/ and folow the blog…It should be an entertaining escapade… the first installment is already up and running! And there will be new installments on Tuesday and Friday

Their first adventure is here:


THe second thing is posts to this blog, I have decided that what with keeping track of adventurous otters that blogging every day is getting somewhat hard to keep up…I am planning from next week to blog twice a week (Monday and Friday) to keep you all posted on the exercise-y goodness!

I promise an exercise update later today…for now…here is an otter…

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