Reboot Days 139-145: A nothing week

I haven’t done nothing. I have done a lot of the normal activities that I do, some walking, some running, some dancing some gymming. It has just not been as dedicated as it normally is. Gym sessions have been somewhat minimal (apart from PT) and running has been less frequent than it should have been.

However, I have taken some time to rest and look after my head.

I know rest days don’t really fit with a 365 day exercise challenge, but rest and mental health is just as important as physical fitness. So I am not counting this as a fail and I am going to carry on šŸ™‚

Actually I was counting it as a fail until I started writing and the, coupled with some bad news I got over the weekend made me realise that I have to do what is best for me and not get all hung up on “failing” a self imposed challenge. I am still going to carry on with the exercise every day thing because I enjoy it and it suits me, and it is the whole premise of this blog šŸ˜€

So, onto the positives and the good things I did do last week…

PT on Tuesday was awesome!! Hard work, I was convinced at one point that Matt was trying to kill me…but he failed…I survived šŸ˜€ despite kneeling slams and rowing sprints and dumbbell bench press and rows and other good stuff like that!

Wednesday was (of course) full of dancing and walking and that sort of good stuff. Dancing helps everything (with the possible exception of leg injuries) so that puts it way up there with the best things to do!

The days after this (exercise wise) contained some half hearted gumming and some general meandering and it was Sunday before I got myself in gear enough to run…

I ran 7km (still intervals) along the downs link pat and it was extremely muddy… there were parts of it that were a lot like paddling rather than running but I’d undoubtedly did me good to get out in the cold crisp sunshiny air!

I just noticed I took a pic of my feet at the start…I should definitely have taken an after photo at the end!!

So…that was last week… this week will be better šŸ˜Š

17 thoughts on “Reboot Days 139-145: A nothing week

  1. Well, it definitely doesn’t sound like a fail to me!! Dancing, gym, running, amazing leggings – this is a definite win, I reckon! I’m sorry you had some bad news over the weekend, you know where I am if need a chat, rant or anything at all. Take good care of your lovely self, you are the most important thing x

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    1. It was only when I wrote it up that is stopped feeling like a fail… and with neon wildcat leggings involved noone can really have failed!
      Thank you, I may well take you up on that offer! It is always the way that it takes bad news to make you realise that life is too short for all the worrying! especially about whether or not your lunchtime walk fitted in with the completely arbitrary rules you set for yourself!

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      1. Only giving up completely can be considered a fail – you never give up! Not only that, you inspire others with your tenacity and your openess (not to mention your leggings) and make us all feel like we could try that little bit harder, be that little bit better – just like you. An off-week every now and then is not failure! It’s an off-week. Be kind to yourself. I’m always here, sometimes working or travelling, but can ALWAYS find time for you, so don’t hesitate to poke me if you need šŸ™‚ x

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      2. Thank you so much! You make me want to be better to live up to your description of me šŸ˜€
        I am terrible at being kind to myself. I so often only see the bad, which is quite often in my head!
        Thank you for seeing me and being there xx

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      3. Aww hun – there is SO MUCH that is great and inspirational about you! I really look up to you, you know. It’s easy to only see the bad, but just remind yourself that I’m just over here seeing all the good and loving you for it xx

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      4. Well you should have confidence because your writing is awesome šŸ™‚
        You definitely have returned some to me, without you I wouldn’t have a photo exhibition in the offing and be attempting to write fiction!!
        WE can both do anything!!
        Warrior goddesses forever!! xx

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