Otters of the black and pink shirt

Just thought I’d keep you all updated on what the otters are up to! Don’t forget if you want to read about all of their antics first hand follow the Otter Chronicles 😀
(yes, this is a blatant plug for my other blog 🙂 )

The Otter Chronicles

Well, what an eventful day today was! I have had reports coming in from all over the raft. Obviously there have been the every day reports, progress on the temporal flow project, ideas about possible cures for the otter cold, ideas about cures for cold otters you know, the kind of thing. Routine stuff…

However, mixed in with all of these were increasingly flustered updates from Debbie Shorttail concerning the antics of those damn hamsters. She is very concerned with them getting too close together and causing the demise of civilisation as we know it, or implosion of the raft and surrounding rivers at the very least! This is the sort of thing that happens all the time when future and past versions of small rodents meet, or so I am told.  What she hasn’t told me is how they know that, as far as we all know this is…

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By Sam Catchpole

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