Janathon day 2

Well that was a shock to the system all round!!

First day back at work, made even more shocking by an early morning PT session!! It was worth it though, the PT was awesome despite it being push day and me having to do Viking presses which are less exciting than they sound!!

I also had to bench press and do rowing sprints and kettlebells… that is one way to wake up in the morning!!

Later that day…

(As they say in movies and such when they can’t think of how to fill in time)

It was time for day 1 or Yoga True from Yoga with Adrien it was awesome and quite simple if not actually easy when you haven’t done yoga for months!!

Willow cat helped too 😊

10 thoughts on “Janathon day 2

  1. How good of Willow to help out! Gosh, I don’t know how you did this. Just putting on proper clothes was enough of a stretch. And now this scary wind! 2018, you have not made a good first impression… 😀

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    1. She is such a helpful puss cat, I am sure my yoga mat would have run off without her!
      Gym clothes easier than proper clothes…yoga is hard though!!
      The wind was scary!! I am just glad I didn’t wake up in oz… although that would have been quite an adventure!!

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  2. What a fab start to 2018! I did the first True yoga practice too. Apart from Adriene’s runners’ cooldown yoga, I haven’t done any for months! I started her first 30-day challenge in September but only got to day 9 so here’s hoping I’ll get further this time. I felt better for those 9 days so really should have kept going.

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