Temporal experimentation expedition 1

The Otters have done it!! They have travelled in time…but what does this mean for Otterkind!!

The Otter Chronicles

Good day chaps! I am pleased to report that some semblance of order has been restored around here after the last weeks festivities. I have managed to tame the chaos in my office, I had some assistance from young Lucas, his mother made him help out to teach him not to break into peoples offices and wreak havoc. To be honest I am not sure he was particularly helpful, the chronology of the reports may be a little hit or miss for a little while. He had more regard for neat piles than organisation. Nevertheless I have a functional office chair and some passable snacks so things are looking up. Most importantly, I have found that marvellous report from Peter and Zofia. I think it is best if I leave the report in young Paddlefoot’s words, he has a bit of a way with them and knows some really good…

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