Temporal Experimentation Expedition 1 (pt 2)

for any of you worried about Peter and Zofia’s encounter with Otter security, here is the conclusion of their report!

The Otter Chronicles

“You There!! Stop!! What are you two doing out after curfew!?!

Zsofia and I exchanged startled glances. Security Otters? Curfews? What was going on here! It would certainly explain the darness and quietness of the Holt but raised far more questions. However, even I could see that stopping to ask this fellow what was going on was probably a bad idea and we would be better off attempting to talk our way out of it.

I was desperately trying to come up with a plausible excuse that didn’t involve starting a sentence with, “hi, we are from the past…” or “So, when is this and who are you?” I’ll be honest, I was failing. Luckily Zsofia was somewhat quicker on the uptake. She was suddenly a whole lot closer than I expected and lent her head against mine, she started to explain that we were on an assignation. I don’t…

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