A splendid excuse for a feast!

I promise a real update soon, in the mean time, go and have a look at what the otters are up to, they have been having some absolutely marvellous shenanigans!

The Otter Chronicles

Good day chaps! I am extremely pleased to say we are back up and running around here! We have been in total chaos and I might even say uproar! Absolute uproar! It is unacceptable and that damned hamster is on his final warning! Any more of this sort of mishap and he’ll have to go!

I mean just because he is a rodent, and a wildcat turned up at the Holt without telling him in advance, that’s no reason to go around scampering behind things and upending experimental buckets into consoles and spreading chaos as he careered around in panic! No reason at all!! It simply won’t do! Panic is no sort of emotion for a UK Raft member, he needs to learn to control himself or his days are numbered I can tell you! We were without power for days, and the research throughout the Raft ground to a…

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