There will be flamethrowers!

Apparently it is Mental health awareness week. I am fairly aware of mental health (or lack of it) but I am also aware that others aren’t.
I thought it would be a good time to reblog this post. It took me a little more time to take back my head, but I am definitely winning against the psycho at the moment!

Project Warrior Goddess

In a short break from my normal blogging topics I thought I’d tell you about anxiety and how it relates to me.

It is relevant really because a heath and fitness should refer to all aspects of health and fitness, and certainly all aspects that relate to the blogger!

I will start with a bit of back story… in the dim and am distant past (about 10-15 years ago) I had depression and anxiety and it caused me all sorts of problems…

but I fixed myself, with some help and support…

Anyway, it doesn’t ever go away fully you just learn to live with it and stop it becoming a problem. So well in fact that I could quite easily forget I had it which is pretty dam awesome.

Until recently.

Recently anxiety has risen up and made a home in my head…

it is a bit like this:


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13 thoughts on “There will be flamethrowers!

  1. This is excellent timing for this post! It is beautifully written, insightful and blisteringly honest. An absolute triumph. I hope it helps other people as much as it helps me 🙂


    1. It did seem like the perfect time to reblog it, keeping talking about things like this is essential to normalising it in society.
      I am so pleased you like it and it helps you! I hope it does help others too, even one person!
      Blisteringly honest is the only way I know how to write…

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      1. It is so important that these conversations are normalised. And you have no idea how often I think to myself – ‘flamethrower! flamethrower!’ when the anxiety starts to nibble. It really helps!

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      2. (I do know what you mean!)
        I was having a real anxiety moment this morning, right from when I woke up. You know what it’s like – your head is telling you all sorts of crazy nonsense and convincing you that the world is pretty much ending right not and everyone just hates you. Logic is pointless! A few rounds of flamethrower flamethrower (and tea. And a roll up 🙂 ) and I am ticking along nicely. I always think of you holding the flamethrower too!! 😀

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      3. It is exactly that situation where flamethrowers are so important, logic just adds another set of stupid voices to the mix!
        I love that I am wielding your mental flamethrower! I will absolutely incinerate your anxiety any time you need me too!!
        (also your enemies should they become a problem)

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      4. Heehee! It’s weird, but since we became close friends and just knowing I have you there at the end of the phone whenever I need, my anxiety hasn’t been such a big issue. I don’t even need to call or text most times – I just think ‘Sam’s there’ 🙂
        Also!!! Just had my Lego man contact asking about your ‘distinguishing features’ for the future Dr Martens figure!! 😀

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      5. I love that ❤️
        Funny, I feel the same, often when I think I can’t do something or I am anxious… I think “Lucy thinks I am a warrior goddess so I can do anything!” 😊

        Oooooh!!! A Lego Dr Martens me!!! Yay!! That is extremely exciting!!! 😀😀

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      6. Yay!! We help each other!! And you definitely are a warrior goddess 🙂 We have inspired and helped each other a lot without really realising it, just by being ourselves – I hope we can help lots of other people too 🙂
        Oh it is so exciting. I told him – she must have enormous purple hair… like a magic cloud! *silence* then – ‘magic cloud… okay’ 😀 😀

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      7. Helping each other by just being ourselves is part of what makes our friendship so awesome!!
        I hope we can help others too!

        I love that!!
        I can just imagine his reaction to ‘magic cloud’ 😂 it is brilliant!! 😁😁

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      8. As soon as I get any mock-ups of Lego Dr Martens I will send them to you. There is also now Lego Dean in Zorro Costume which is just immense 😀


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