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Juneathon 2018

I have just noticed that it is June…

As I have been a bit rubbish over the last few weeks…ok not rubbish… ill with horrible dizzy inducing labyrinthitis, the end of may got away from me a bit…

But anyway, June, which means…juneathon!! Which, for the uninitiated, means exercising and blogging about it every day! Perfect kick up the bum I think!!

So to kick the whole thing off I went to the gym this morning 😊

Ok I went to the gym first then remembered it was June and decided to do juneathon… but it still counts!!

It was fun 🙂 I trained legs…woohoo squats!!

Also, I did wear shoes although the picture implies otherwise!!

Yay for the gym! And shoes!! And not being dizzy!!


  1. I do believe that you removed your shoes just so that we’d all admire your coordinating attire! Naughty.

    I’m so glad you’ve realised it’s June and that it’s been accompanied by a lack of dizziness.

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