Juneathon day 3 dancing… then running..

Today started, and was in fact mostly taken up with dancing. It was a local craft/vintage fair today and they have taken a liking to Mythago so we danced 🙂

It was hot, we were dancing on grass (which is hard) but in general it was a really good day. Ok I had a minor blip during the first stand where I couldn’t move my legs, felt like a lump, thought I was probably making an idiot out of myself and cried but after that everything was good. Some lovely friends put me back together by hugging me and reminding me that. Reaching was a thing!!

The second and third stands went really well 😊

Also I got some good new horns!!

After dancing all day in hot heat, sane people have a rest and a drink… I went for a run.

I decided I hadn’t used enough energy up so I set out for week 3 day 3 of zombies run 5 k trainer!

It was extremely slow as runs go, even for me! It was probably not the best idea I have ever had, but a slow run is better than no run 😁

Juneathon day 3 well and truly done!!

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