Juneathon day 4: today I walked

Well you would have walked too after that weekend!!

Today was definitely a day for less vigorous activity 😁

It was a nice walk though and I met a cat who, I am pretty sure, wanted to take me on a quest. I had to go back to work unfortunately so I had to say goodbye to him…

With a tail like that it had to be a quest!!

4 thoughts on “Juneathon day 4: today I walked

  1. I think you’re right about the quest giving cat.
    Such a shame you didn’t have time to find out what he was going to ask you to do. You could have got yourself a cloak of dancing +3 and never had to go out running again.

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    1. Oh that would have been amazing! I will have to go back tomorrow and see if he is still there!
      He was definitely taking me somewhere kept stopping and looking back to make sure I was still there!!

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  2. That is indeed a questing tail that little fellow has. I dread to think what he got up to – probably best you had to return to work! And a huge round of applause for the return of the magic cloud hair, my favourite hair in the world 🙂

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