I signed up for a thing!!

No, I didn’t sign up for a half marathon.

No, not even a 10k.

Not a running thing at all as it happens! Well not exclusively running, although running will play a part.

I have signed up to walk (run dance etc) 100 miles.

Not in one go…but between the first and the end of June. It works out at an average of 3.3 miles per day. Which is doable, but challenging. It will be easy to cover that sort of distance on dancing days and dancing weekends, however my work days involve a lot of sitting. So, I am going to have to find ways of squishing extra walking around into my workday!

I signed up for this on Race at Your Pace, which is slightly annoyingly named, because it is not in any way a race. But anyway, they have challenges to walk (crawl, climb) or cycle between 25 and 200 miles in a month….


If you manage this, they send you a medal πŸ˜€ it isn’t really for anything other than a challenge and to give me an incentive to get up and go every day.

NB: for some reason I thought this was to be done before the 25th June…I don’t think this is true now I look back on the website. Bonus!! This means I am ahead of schedule! So far I am up to 19 miles and I have not finished today yet πŸ™‚

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,


    1. I like the medal too πŸ™‚ and it just says 100 Miles Which looks much more impressive if you don’t know it took a whole month!!

      I have a habit of just doing these things on the spur of the moment… it has a reasonably high success rate 😁

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  1. Walking is amazing and is my exercise of choice. I stopped getting public transport to work maybe two years ago (maybe a bit more) and walk to and from work now.

    I used to run a fair bit but kept damaging myself so took it as a sign that my body is getting too old for that short of thing πŸ˜‚

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      1. Lifting heavy things and dancing at the same time would be an awesome superpower!

        When I was younger I used to do all sorts of exercise, sports and the like. Then shift work started and it all went away and very wrong!

        I was an extremely large chap in my 30s (over 23 stone) when I hit 40 I decided it was time to get fit again which took me a year…I’m now hovering around 12 stone and doing lots and lots of cardiovascular exercise as I like the novelty of being thin like I was in the olden day’s!!

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      1. Ok I’ll redact that idea then 🀣 not one of my cleverest! Purple to represent the fruit that is the grape that makes the thing called red wine?!

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      2. Phew swiftly recovered there (I’ll hide that bad idea under the rug)! Purple is my most favourite colour. Blue should be in there somewhere I think? I don’t know why I just think blue is a good superhero costume colour….

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      3. So I’m thinking purple cape (no definitely not yellow), black top, blue leggings, big boots and some sort of mask / snood for identity disguising….

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