Juneathon days 15-17: Overseas Dancing!

Yes, its another joint post for the weekend’s Juneathon stuff…

In my defence, I have been living in a field all weekend (again). It was a different field this time mind you… It was a field in the Isle of Wight (yes it is overseas… there was a ferry and everything!!)

It was the weekend that is the ever awesome Bloodstone Rally! Bloodstone are a IOW morris side and every year they go to extremely great lengths to make other selected other morris sides (including us) welcome on the IOW for a weekend of dancing and doing things and having a big party!


I did enough walking and dancing this weekend to more than fulfill the exercise quota for juneathon, and bring my June mileage total up to 66.7 miles 😀

I failed to take very many pictures from the weekend, I was quite frankly, too busy making new friends and catching up with old ones. As well as dancing all (well most of) the dances and playing on a chair lift.



However, many people who were not me have taken pictures, and I am going to flagrantly steal (after asking) some of theirs for you to see 🙂 (thanks to Adrian for the pics)

Customs and Exciles
Customs and Exciles
Tatters and Tails
Vixens of Wolfshead and Vixen

2 thoughts on “Juneathon days 15-17: Overseas Dancing!

  1. Looks awesome, I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Isle of Wight – although my Mum may well say her favourite thing: “Yes you have, when you were one!” 😂

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