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Juneathon day 25: Project Warrior Goddess day 1

Well…I said I’d move more and I said I’d move faster… so I thought what better to kick the whole thing off that some running in 27 degree heat…

Ok… it probably wasn’t the best time of day to run but I’d missed the morning and I was saving the evening for Insanity!!

So off I trotted into the baking sun for a run 😊 it was ok too…I was better than last time even in the heat 😁😁

In the evening, as promised, I started the Insanity programme again! It starts with a fit test and my results are…I am not very fit… although the heat probably didn’t help.

Still it gives me a benchmark to improve on, which is exactly the point 😁

I tracked all of my food too 😁

I could show you a picture of that but it seems dull so I won’t.

Daily mileage 3.5

Monthly mileage 97.76


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