Time to fight: Reboot number 157…

Time to stand
Time to fight
Time to turn and face the light

Never beaten
Never broken
My inner warrior goddess has spoken

I wrote this a while ago, at the time it was a kick in the face to my anxiety and I felt like I needed to declare that I wasn’t going to let it get to me any more! After all who can argue with a warrior goddess…even an inner one!

I feel like this again today! It is time to fight once more, this time I am fighting for my life! No, not in a critical illness sort of way and I am of course not comparing my situation to those who are fighting a life threatening condition.

I mean it is time to fight back against my self sabotaging nature. To fight to be able to live the life I want to live without being worried about people with cameras, without being worried that I am not fast enough or fit enough. Without constantly believing I am holding people up and being humored by people. It doesn’t matter at this point whether people are really thinking those things, I am thinking those things and the only way to stop myself is to step up and do something about the weight I have regained and the fitness I have lost.

So this is the 365 project reboot number 157 (probably not literally). I know I have started again several times. I know I have promised things I have not delivered on. This time I mean business. This time feels like the first time. I am excited to get started. Anyway, it doesn’t matter how many times you start, the important thing is not to stop! (or something)

Yes, that’s what I was trying to say, only in handy (coherent) picture form! I am not normally a fan of these “motivational” thingies but these seemed appropriate.

So, here it is the official reboot of Project “Fit enough to dance in a mask”.
Along side the official boot of project “Fit enough to live without a mask”

(I think I am going to call the two together Project Warrior Goddess)

The aims ofย  Project Warrior Goddess:

  • Regain enough fitness so that I can dance as much and as often as necessary without feeling like I am the fat one people put up with.
  • Gain enough confidence in my legs and my fitness that I could do additional dancing without having to hide myself behind a mask to do it.
  • Alter my shape such that I am not embarrassed by myself.

How am I going to achieve these aims (general):

  • Move more. Lots more. Move every day, and move fast as often as possible. By which I mean achieve a good balance between weights and cardio
  • Return to functional and plyometric training.
  • Track the food that I am eating to regain control over my consumption and ensure that I am not just eating all the food.

So, that is the generalities out of the way, now for how this translates to specifics:

1 Million steps!

I have signed up to walk 1 million steps between 1st July and 30th September. It is an organised challenge run in aid of Diabetes UK which is a charity close to my heart. I have written about it before here: Stop blaming the diabetics.ย I am doing this as part of a team along with my husband, so at least I’ll have a person to share motivation with ๐Ÿ˜€

i million steps

It is going to be quite a challenge for a person who is forced to sit down for 8 hours 5 days a week, but it is not going to be impossible. To find out all about the challenge go here 1 Million steps.
If you happen to want to fling some money at the good cause that is Diabetes UK in my name then you can do it here:


I have done it before, so I am going to do it again. I am going to do the Shaun T written, super crazy workout program that is Insanity. It is cardio, it is plyometric, it is pretty damn awesome, and pretty damn hard.
I actually have no idea how I am going to fit it in along side all of the things I already do, but I am not accepting excuses any more.no excuses

so in the words of Shaun T:



21 thoughts on “Time to fight: Reboot number 157…

  1. I can recommend MyFitnessPal as a calorie tracking app.

    I used this app between 2014 and 2015 and lost just over 11 stone. I spent my 30s very very very over weight and I had many attempts to lose weight unsuccessfully.

    You can do it Sam and your mind is completely in the right place. Iโ€™m really looking forward to seeing you succeed ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Sam, I wish I could hug you right now. I have so much to say on this post, but mostly Iโ€™ll summarize by saying, I can relate 100%, and …you can do this!

    I may tag along for the million step challenge. Goddess knows I need it.

    And re: diabetes, Iโ€™ve got some news on that front too. If I can ever get around to pulling my head out of my ass to blog (and reboot myself), Iโ€™ll explain everything. My life depends on it. Itโ€™s just a matter of me deciding that my life is more valuable than my paycheque.

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    1. Sign up for the challenge!! ๐Ÿ™‚ it is a good kick up the bum to get moving (which I need!!)

      It is so awesome to know you are on my side โค๏ธ
      (I didnโ€™t think you werenโ€™t but still knowing it is blooming amazing!!! It makes me believe I can do it!!)

      I am seriously considering going and getting tested for Diabetes, it would explain a lot of my weird symptoms tbh!


  3. Best to get tested if you are having symptoms even if it just puts your mind at ease.

    Doctors will tell you that type two diabetes is for life but it isnโ€™t. My story (the very short version) is:

    2014: 23st 3lbs, type two diabetic, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

    2015: 12st 4lbs, diabetes resolved, blood pressure and cholesterol normal.

    My doctor said heโ€™d heard of people resolving type two diabetes through weight loss but had never seen it himself before.

    There were a lot of struggles before, during and after and in some ways the mental struggle of the after has been hardest.

    Iโ€™m trying to put my saying that โ€œyou can do thisโ€ into context, Iโ€™m not just saying it as Iโ€™ve been there and know how hard it can be…..

    You can do this ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  4. Woohoo! Go Warrior Goddess! I know you can do this – you know you can do this – you’ve done it before! And you are so right – it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, or miss your goals, or whatever – you just have to keep going. That is the most amazing thing about you (one of the most amazing things about you. Your hair is pretty amazing. But anyway…) you refuse to be defeated by anything. No setback ever sets you back. You never give in. You are a WARRIOR GODDESS!!

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    1. exactly ๐Ÿ˜€ I have done it before, and I never stopped trying, i just missed the mark a few times! So I can defitnely do it again, and I have a head start over last time as I haven’t lost everything I gained (or gained everything I lost)
      And I have a Lucy now which helps enormously ๐Ÿ˜€

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      1. I have every faith in you! I know how determined you are when you get going and if your head thinks bad stuff from time to time, well, that happens to the best of us and the important thing is just to get it to shut up. I am here with my flamethrower, my hugs and my big cheering voice just for you! ๐Ÿ˜€ So, so proud of you ๐Ÿ˜€

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      2. Your flamethrower and hugs and cheering voice help my than you can possibly imagine!!
        ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
        My head definitely feels like it is back in the Warrior Goddess game!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      3. You introduced me to the flamethrower and you have always been there for me – the least I can do is do the same for you! And I love you lots, so it’s easy ๐Ÿ™‚
        I can hear the Warrior Goddess roar from here!!

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