Project Warrior Goddess: progress update…

Is day 2 too early to have a progress update?

Probably, but I am writing one anyway. Mainly because I am excited about the whole thing. I want to capitalise on the excitement…and as you know by now the more I tell you and the more often, the more likely I am to stick to what I say I will do 🙂

If you haven’t read about my latest reboot : Project Warrior Goddess then go read it and come back 😀

Now, for the update.

I wrote about my activity in Juneathon day 25 post, it involved a run and the first day of Insanity, which is the fitness test.

I am going to look in a bit more detail at the fitness test because it was an excellent way of quantifying where I am right now and what I need to work on. (yes I know it is the point of a fit test shhh) For this purpose I have dug out my fit test results from the first time I did Insanity 🙂 bearing in mind I did Insanity the first time right at the end of my first 365 project so the fact that I was fitter then does not come as a great surprise…

The interesting thing was for some of the exercises I was as good or (a very tiny bit) better and my general cardio fitness was not as bad as I expected. What was abundantly obvious was that my legs are significantly less powerful than they were. I am sure they are as strong (squats and leg press can prove this) but the explosive power and endurance that they had has decreased markedly.

Probably because I haven’t been training it.

So that is what I am going to have to do now…lots of jumping (and some getting lighter). Luckily Insanity has plenty of jumping in it 😀 My legs will complain, but they will also improve 😀

Insanity day 2 is going to happen tonight after pottery, I’ll let you know how I get on 😀

shaun t you can do it
He says this a lot…he is quite convincing so I might just survive this 😀

(FYI I have already had PT today…lucky for my legs it was upper body)

10 thoughts on “Project Warrior Goddess: progress update…

  1. Jumping is good! Insanity looks terrifying, I must say – even thinking about it brings me out in a sweat. You are a legend! Legs always complain about things, maybe just ignore them. They will be really pleased when they are explosive again! Not literally explosive, I mean, that would be dangerous. Good luck! And with the pottery, I like the pottery 🙂

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    1. My legs are always complaining…If I listened to them too hard I’d never run or anything!

      They will love being explosive 😀
      (eeek no, not literally that could be a problem)
      I like the pottery too 😀 I want to do it all the time, along with photographing and printing…
      work gets in the way!

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      1. Tell the legs to complain to the brain and that might stop the brain thinking the negative stuff that gets in the way 🙂 Cunning plan! In the meantime, you can get on with warrior goddess-ing while they are distracted! 😀
        Work is so annoying. Why can’t work be done while asleep? That would make sense and leave more time for the excellent stuff. 🙂

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      2. ooh not that is a Good Idea, get my legs and my negative brain to distract each other so I can get on properly!!

        And Sleep working sounds excellent!! I could get so much more good stuff done!!

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    1. ooh definitely good luck 🙂 I am sure you will be awesome!!
      I have had to put mine on hold as I broke my ankle (not doing insanity) I will restart as soon as I can 😀


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