Juneathon day 27: WG day 3: complete Insanity

I seem to be a day in arrears…

It was the hottest day of the year, I had to go dancing, in kit, so I decided to squeeze my insanity workout in before I went.
Well, I committed to the thing so now I have to find a way!!

It was insane. The programme really does live up to its name, but, it is really good! It doesn’t make me happy while I am doing it, and every day so far, I have thought “I don’t think I’ll get through this today” but there is something about Shaun T and his boundless enthusiasm that makes you just carry on!

79b80165-b0ad-4f89-80d0-d5b3fdf4fb8dToday was Cardio Power and Resistance, which was at least partly appropriate…my legs were definitely resisting having any power. But the point is to improve , and the only way to improve is to do the things you are not very good at until you are good at them!

There is such a lot of jumping involved, and it was so warm!! Why do I always chose to do Insanity in June!

Anyway, after the madness that is insanity, I donned my entirely weather appropriate (not) kit and went off dancing…

It was a rare (for mythago) pub dance out on a Wednesday evening, we only do about 3 a year. This one was at a pub called the Spotted Cow in Angmering, and we were the guests of Chanctonbury Morris men. Chanctonbury are cotswold (the ones in white with hankies) so provide a good contrast to us border types! It was a lot of fun and we even joined in a joint audience participation dance where we did something that looked a bit like cotswold dancing…with sticks though, not hankies…

For the sake of completeness, if not chronological accuracy, I should also mention that I went for a walk at lunchtime. I went in search of the quest cat to see if I could figure out how to unlock the next level of the quest, but he was nowhere to be seen. Instead I collected samples of local flora for use in future quest related activities, I assume some sort of potion making…

(no i didn’t really steal plants i took pics)


I know two of those are not flora, but mysterious bridges and locked doors in abandoned buildings always play parts in quests!!

6 thoughts on “Juneathon day 27: WG day 3: complete Insanity

  1. This is such a cheerful post – I love it! The pictures, the dancing, the quest cat… what more could a girl want? Insanity makes me nervous but I admit I am curious to try it one day. My cardio fitness is not great so fear I might die half way through. Also the dancing looks so brilliant, too. I like that you can be guests of other morrising groups – very charming! With all the kit and strange, archaic practices it reminds me a bit of the cricket.
    Mysterious bridges and locked doors are the best. You must remember to carry a crowbar at all times, in case of locked doors… 😉

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    1. It was a good cheerful day 😀
      You should try insanity, It is hard work, but the best way to get good at things you can’t do is to do them until you are good at them…
      (that is not a very catchy quote but I like it!)
      I thinkk Morris Dancing and cricket are extremely similar in the history of England 😀 they both remind me of village greens and tea and cake. Also beer!
      I suspect artifacts such as crowbars and other useful items will have to be picked up on my quest. I’ll check with the cat when he reappears ;-D

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      1. I think it’s a great quote! I do like a challenge and I like my legs to protest once in a while so I shall consider it 🙂
        Yes, cricket and Morris Dancing have many excellent similarities – all the things I like best, as you mention – important to uphold these excellent traditions!
        Aha quest cat has all the answers 🙂 Do give him my best when you see him!

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      2. its a very accurate quote even if not catchy…maybe I should write it over a sunset on a picture…
        let me know how you get on if you do try insanity 😀 you could do it with me if we were closer!!
        I will certainly remember you to the quest cat, passing on greetings probably unlocks secret levels 🙂

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      3. I understand that if you put anything over a sunset picture it instantly makes it deep and meaningful…
        If you were closer I would definitely be enlisting you to help me! I will keep you posted if I am brave enough to try 😉
        Oh yes I bet! Try offering quest cat a magic potion or something. You might get an invisibility cloak 🙂

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      4. I will make motivational memes with honest things on them just for fun 😀
        (I shall channel my inner Lutra Longwhiskers)

        I will definitely offer him a potion, once I have made it from the flora I collected 🙂 I’d very much like a cloak of invisibility!! 🙂

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