Junethon day 28: Project Warrior Goddess day 4: all the squats!!

I am wearing this t shirt right now…

Which turned out to be quite appropriate.

I started the day in the gym…I wasn’t entirely awake but made it there somehow and managed to do somethings…

Starting with squats! Heavy(ish) weighted squats and sled pushes because they are the things I do in the gym when my brain hasn’t woken up yet…luckily I woke up about part way through so I managed to do some of the complexes I originally planned 😊

And I had my superhero leggings on so that is definitely a good start to the day!

At lunchtime I continued my as yet undefined cat quest, I didn’t meet quest cat or manage to pick up any special power objects but I did discover the river of possible enchantment and a hidden sign pointing the way to said river…

It was the days Insanity workout where the t shirt really came into its own…

Today’s workout was called Cardio Recovery, now firstly I am not sure anything with Recovery in the title shouldn’t also contain the word cardio…

However, it wasn’t cardio-y but it was hard… sort of one mean yoga with a lot of squats…

Lots and lots of squats and pulse squats and holding squats… and some planks.

There wasn’t any jumping though… so I guess I could call today a rest day. If rest days were to contain al the squats…

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,

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