Juneathon day 29, Project Warrior Goddess day 5: I’m melting!!

It was another extremely hot day today (28C according to my car) so it seemed prudent to go to the gym before everything overheated… that and it is Friday morning and me and my friend Sarah have a long standing Friday morning gym arrangement 😊

The extremely good thing about this morning was that I managed to bench press without getting dizzy 😁😁 as it was bench press that triggered the last two bouts of dizziness this is a significant step forward!!

The prudence of this early morning relatively cool gym session was cancelled out by an extremely hot mid afternoon walk which was lovely but so warm I hid in a hat!

Perhaps even less sensible was an early evening insanity session… today’s was insanity pure cardio and boy was it hard work…

That being said I think I am improving a tiny bit already!! 😁😁

It is pure crazy brilliance and I actually love it even if I slightly dread doing it!!

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