Juneathon day 30, Project Warrior Goddess day 6: learning from my mistakes…

Last Wednesday I did my insanity before I did my dancing… this proved to be a mistake and made my dancing very hard work indeed.

Today, I learned from this and I did my insanity after I did some dancing šŸ™‚

Today’s dancing was at the local firebird brewery. They were having an open house where people could come along and hear music and buy beer and see some pretty awesome dancing šŸ˜Š

It was a very hot day but I actually felt like I danced better than I have for a while! This project and the j sanity that comes along with it might be paying off!! If nothing else it makes me feel more confident which is probably about half the battle!!

I haven’t got a single picture of us dancing… I was too busy dancing to take any…

Today’s insanity workout was “plyometric cardio circuit” it was an exceptionally hard thing to do after dancing in my extremely warm living room! However, as unlikely as this sounds I am already better at it! Even though I have only been doing this 5 day! It didn’t feel easier, but I got further through before having to rest! I guess the state works šŸ˜Š

All in all that was a pretty good way to round off juneathon!!

Now all I have to do is get ready for July… during which I have to walk 10870 steps every day!!

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