Project Warrior Goddess: Day 7 & 8 (and week one progress)

Well, Project Warrior Goddess is officially a week old, and I have already learned / achieved quite a bit πŸ˜€

The first thing I have learned is that starting Insanity during a heatwave, is complete and utter, well, insanity πŸ˜€ we are not very good at heatwaves in this country, generally a couple of days at 23 or 24 degrees is good weather. Weeks at 27-30 degrees is somewhat unexpected. Not many places have air con because most of the time it would be unnecessary! Consequently every time I do insanity or anything more than a walk it leads me thinking I might need to sleep in a bucket!!

Sunday was the hottest day so far about 30 and luckily it was my insanity rest day. That doesn’t mean I did nothing (of course) but it does mea that the something I did was a walk in the evening πŸ™‚ I dragged mark along with me and I got up to 12.9k steps which is excellent for the first day of my million step challenge 😊

For some reason he also tried to eat my hat, I can only assume all the walking had starved him :-/ you’ll be pleased to know my hat survived in tact!!

Monday (day 8) was the day I accidentally wore a jumper to work in a heat wave…

Luckily I had a gym top to wear while I was walking at lunchtime and after work…

After all that walking it was time to bite the bullet and do the days Insanity work out… it was Cardio power and resistance which involves such exciting things as power jacks, power jumps, moving press ups and hurdle jumps 😱

I actually worked out in just my leggings and a sports bra…I was at home and no one else was there, I don’t think that will happen in public anytime soon!!

Incidentally the other thing I have learned in week 1 if Project Warrior Goddess is that just doing this and deciding I am going to fight and change has already changed the way I feel about everything!! I am walking with my head high and my virtual axe held out to fight off any doubts!!

And the system is working, I am feeling better and dancing better already 😁

12 thoughts on “Project Warrior Goddess: Day 7 & 8 (and week one progress)

  1. Excellent I’m glad that Insanity is working! From what I can gather from your posts this should be really improving your cardio and improving this is really noticeable once you get going. 😊

    I’m still pretty much just walking for a minimum of four hours a day, the main problem for me in the heat is I need sealable pockets so I wear a neoprene sleeveless gym jacket πŸ˜†

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      1. That’s a good idea!

        I prefer exercising in tracksuit trousers and I carry a quite big back pack (which I have been known to purposely weigh down) but like to have all my critical things to hand.

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  2. It is hot enough to boil a monkey’s bum! Insanity is pretty crazy under any circumstances but my hat is off to you for keeping going anyway! Actually I’m going to put my hat back on – firstly because it is good for keeping the sun off and secondly because I don’t want Mark to eat it…
    These pictures are beautiful and I’m so pleased to have lovely places to walk. Even more chuffed that things are on the up and you are feeling better all round. This is the most important thing!!
    (Your post will be on my blog on Thursday. Sorry for not getting back to you – after what happened with Ian I’ve been a bit all over the place. Apologies.)

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    1. Definitely keep a tight control of your hat and don’t let anyone eat it!! I saved mine thankfully!!

      I love the places I walk taking pretty pictures makes walking even more fun 😊

      Don’t worry about my blog!! After what happened it is completely understandable that you have other things on your mind!!
      (Hug) 😘

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      1. The delicious hats are at great risk of being eaten in this weather…
        I always worry about your blog! It’s all fine and I can’t wait to have you visiting my blog on Thursday πŸ™‚
        (Thank you for hug πŸ™‚ x)

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  3. Here I was feeling all virtuous for doing HIIT outdoors with trees to keep the sun off. Insanity indoors is turning it up to 11 on the superhero scale!

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