PWG Day 10 & 11: Walking and dancing and rest…

Day 10

I suppose a day that includes dancing and walking can’t really be designated a rest day, but it was. I walked around in the sunshine during my lunch break, then danced around outside a pub for the evening 🙂

These things were good things, especially the dancing which was a fun evening with lovely friends, but I was exceptionally tired! I think I spent most of the day overheated and dehydrated, and I couldn’t face doing Insanity at 10:45 when I got in from dancing and finished chasing cats around the house. I know I shouldn’t mess with the Insanity schedule, but to be quite honest I wouldn’t have done it well and have been doing this long enough to know when to rest.

Its not like I had done nothing after all!

I got ignored by a jay on my walk… rude bird!

Day 11

You can tell resting was the right thing to do when you are so tired that you sleep right through your alarm and wake up 20 minutes before you are due in the gym 😱

Somehow I made it only 10 mins late… this involved a lot more speed of motion than I am accustomed I in the morning I can tell you!!

Getting to the gym was good though… we trained legs, training legs always makes me happy!!

I forgot to take any pictures in the gym so here is one of my tiny cats!!

I waked twice yesterday once after work and once during lunchtime. I reacquainted myself with a dragon, I suspect he will have a part in the quest once I find the correct artefacts!

In the evening I played catch up with my insanity… today was supposed to be Cardio Recovery but I did yesterday’s plyometric circuit and I am considering that me up to date 😁😁

I didn’t completely melt, but it was a close run thing!!


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