PWG Day 15: The system works

If anyone was doubting the effectiveness of either Insanity, or my exercise every day policy, I will present to you the Insanity fit test results 2 weeks in!

The fit test is the benchmarking facility within the insanity program so you can chart your progress. It is the very first thing you do in the program, and was one of the very first things I did in Project Warrior Goddess. I wrote about it here.Β It is a hard fit test, the exercises you have to do take some doing, they leaveΒ  you in a heap just like any other insanity workout!!

So…the results:


I am super pleased with my results look there I am being pleased..and also very hot and knackered!!! I have increased the amount of all of the exercises!!

You get 1 minute for each exercise in which you have to do as many as possible! Believe me both times I did this, I couldn’t have possible squeezed another rep into that minute!!

I knew I was improving, I could feel it during the workouts. Not that they felt any easier, they never do, just that I could keep going longer πŸ˜€

I also went for two walks yesterday because it was too hot to run:


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