PWG day 16: Kettlebell fun!

Yes! Kettlebells are fun!!

Hard work, but fun 😀

I got to play with them in PT which is always good! We did a HIIT type kettlebell/slam ball/med ball combo type session. It fell in to two main superset/circuits.
The first one was simple (but not easy):
24kg kettlebell swing x 12
16kg kettlebell swing high pull x 10 per arm.
repeat 3 times

The second one was more complicated as it started with 2 exercises and an extra one got added each round…

12kg slam ball slams x 10
16kg kettlebell sumo squat to upright row x 10
round 2 add
15kg Slam ball over the shoulder throws x 8 per side
Round 3 add
3kg med ball wall balls x 10

We finished the whole session off with some rowing… inside because there wasn’t a handy pond 😀



OK…I found a pond… still she wasn’t there yesterday morning and to be honest I probably shouldn’t try to stand a boat on her…


During my lunchbreak i went for a walk, and it was during that arduous trek that I met with quest cat for the third time. I made dramatic steps towards finding out my quest. I can announce that we are now on stroking terms. The type of stroking where I stroke him and he pretends I don’t exist, but it is a great step forward!

He hinted at next steps and sacred artifacts, I can only assume with but a small amount more stroking I will be able to receive my quest!


7 thoughts on “PWG day 16: Kettlebell fun!

  1. The kettle balls look very pretty and fun but those routines sound complicated! I’d probably just end up smashing myself in the face. Or someone else. The return of Quest Cat! Hurrah! I’m sure it won’t be long before he stops ignoring you and informs you of your quest. Be on the look out for mystical mice and enchanted kippers!


    1. hahaha in the swing high pull, you have to swing the kettlebell to shoulder height then pull it towards your shoulder and push it away again…the whole time I do them I fear letting go and hitting myself in the face!!

      I shall definitely be on the look out for mystical mice and enchanted kippers…they are almost certainly keys to the next level!

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