Photography exhibition glamorous opening event!

Creative Endeavours

Well… fairly glamorous…

Well…there was Prosecco and I wore a top hat…

Whatever it was it was awesome!

I invited friends because this sort of event is better with people you like, and to be honest I really wanted to show it to them because they are my friends and i am proud of it! Even the lovely Lucy from PorterGirl came from Cambridge which was amazing!

I (optimistically I thought) ordered prosecco, orange juice and nibbles for 30 people…and invited lots of my friends 🙂


It turned out that this was just about the right amount of refreshments 🙂

There were of course people who were otherwise engaged on that day but I was genuinely quite overwhelmed by the amount of people who showed up to support me 🙂

I had people travel from far and wide (Cambridge and Kent and Reading) to see it I had people get…

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8 thoughts on “Photography exhibition glamorous opening event!

  1. Awesome! What a lovely experience this must have been for you, although the exhibition setup must’ve been stressful?!

    I have an adventure planned very soon to have a look myself 😊

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  2. I have had an adventure today and seen your exhibition. It’s totally amazing I love them all but especially BM01 – Men at work. I remember that art installation being there and the sign is just perfect! 😊

    I’ve not been to Horsham before so I’m now exploring…yay for adventure 😁

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    1. Oh thats excellent!! I am so glad you liked it 😀
      Its brilliant that you remember the art installation in Men at Work, I can’t remember exactly where it was but it was too good to miss with that sign there!
      that is one of my favourite pics too!

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