Project (broken) Warrior Goddess Update!

I feel like a lump!

A mostly sitting around, incredibly annoyed and frustrated with my own ankle, lump!

Me in my head

I know I am not actually a lump, I am not really miserable, I have been doing lots of good things but I am just incredibly frustrated with this enforced lack of activity. This is the longest I have been relatively stationary for 5 years. Even when I have been a little down on cardio I have been dancing and gymming or failing all of that walking. But now I am doing almost nothing.

I am still going to the gym and doing upper body workouts. I am still walking, but much less than I was, less even than when I had the boot thingy on.

Splint thingy

Hang on…I forgot to tell you I didn’t have the boot thingy on any more… I have a splint thingy on instead. This is the modern day equivalent to tying two stick onto your leg with string. It is basically tying two slightly padded, slightly curved pieces of plastic onto your leg with velcro. Slightly curved pieces of plastic that are too small for the massive calves of a person who runs and lifts and dances in big boots. Pieces of velcro that are two short for the same calves and although you have extended them are completely the wrong shape and stick in at the top and gouge your leg. This coupled with the fact that the weather and the walking and the sitting at a desk all day makes your hurt leg swell up, which the velcro doesn’t take into account, is making the whole thing annoyingly uncomfortable!

I know, logically, that I have had to rest my ankle to some extent, I know, logically that I will feel ok again once I get the splint off (end of the week woohoo) and can start on rehab and adding cardio and leg training back in. But logic is not really winning in my head!

I feel this post has got a little negative, and not in the Warrior Goddess fighting spirit! I just wanted to update you and I promise the fighting spirit has not gone…it will be back with a vengeance as soon as it is allowed!!

In the mean time…my upper body is getting stronger so that is a definite plus 🙂 and my recorder playing is getting better… this is also good!

8 thoughts on “Project (broken) Warrior Goddess Update!

  1. Yes head battles are certainly the hardest part of fitness, I’ve been having my own this week too.

    You are nearly there now so you’ll soon be fighting fit again and conquering those million steps 😁

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