PWG Day 3 – 6: return of the deadlift!

Day 3 was Thursday, and on Thursday I deadlifted πŸ˜€

Ok…I deadlifted off a slightly raised platform, and only 70kg but still πŸ˜€ it made me extremely happy!b7bcbf1e-0534-4e1c-a342-ee673f087582

Even happier when I went for a walk at lunch and didn’t get rained on. I had my rain hat on but still happy to keep dry!


Day 4 – Friday

I was so happy to deadlift on Thursday that I did it again on Friday πŸ˜€ full range this time and I did sled pushes again for the first time since the hiatus!

The rest of the weekend was mainly walking, lots and lots of walking, around Bristol and up and down the downs link path πŸ˜€


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