Irish Advantureing – part 2

Part two of our Irish advanture…

Red Van Travels

This third morning of our adventure took us to a second abbey of the holiday Timoleague Abbey. This is a ruined abbey on the edge of the town of Timoleague. It managed to escape the dissolution of the monasteries only to be burned and asset stripped by Cromwell. Actually is soldiers, probably not himself…

It was fascinating and strange as the tradition of burying people inside the grounds has continued and extended to inside the ruin.

after the abbey we had a wander along the edge of the inlet and watched birds wading and feeding…it was lovely in the sunshine and I had never seen curlew and oyster catchers in a town before!

The afternoon saw us investigating a stone circle, it is one of Ireland’s more well known circles and is in the care of OPW which is Ireland’s version of English Heritage, although less commercial…

It was a…

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