Irish Advanturing – part 4

Red Van Travels

Wednesday: The day of the flying shed!

No, I am not kidding…well more or less not kidding…

We decided to make a trip out to Dursley Island off the end of the Beara Peninsula, it is a relatively small island and only accessible via Ireland’s only cable car…

The drive out there was extremely picturesque, but somewhat confusing. I discovered during this that Ireland is not to scale! It has a completely variable approach to distances on road signs. We passed a sign which said cable car 23 km, shortly after that we passed one that said 8km shortly after that we passed another one that said 8km… i gave up trying to work it out and looked out of the window and attempt to take pictures…

When we did finally arrive, it was a spectacular location and there was indeed a cable car…which resembled a flying shed… it looked…

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