Warrior Goddess Quest Progress

In October, which seems like an awful long time ago now, I wrote you a lovely post about rebooting and restarting and refocusing and all that good stuff. It had memes and good intentions galore.

Now it is mid November and I thought I should tell you how all this has been going!

In a word…Brilliantly!!

Oh you want more words, and possibly some pictures, OK I can do that. I’ll start with running.

I have been flitting about between different running apps, you know me I can’t just make it up… not at this stage anyway. I did quite a lot of beginnings at the beginning but I have now settled on the 10k trainer app I have used before (well one of them) it seems to do the c25k first then move on to longer distances. I am currently on week 2 day 3 and it is 1.5 min runs with 2 min walk intervals. It is harder than I thought it would be, I really am starting again completely from scratch. However I have started from scratch before and went on to run a half marathon (really badly but I did it) so the system works, I just need to keep at it 🙂

Weirdly, and I am hesitant in saying this considering my past history with this running malarkey, I am actually quite enjoying it.

Much as I am enjoying the running… it is not the only thing I have been doing 🙂 I have got a lovely new lifting programme from Matt the trainer and I am getting on with that too, albeit not quite as frequently as I was planning (I keep getting distracted by running and sleep) I am loving it as you would probably expect and I am finally training legs again 😀 take that ankle!!

Not only have I been doing these standard Warrior Goddess activities, I have branched out and started trying new things again 🙂
the first of these was…

Belly Dancing O_O
well more specifically Tribal Fusion Belly dancing… It was a shock to the system! It is considerably harder than people who are good at such things make it look! It was extremely wiggly and involved a lot of moving your bottom half without your top and your top half without your bottom… a lot of the required things are things that my body doesn’t know how to do…but then I am sure there was a time I didn’t know how to do a lot of things I can do now… so it is worth giving more of a try 🙂

The other new thing I tried was a morning workout class…which is a complete shock to the system. I have just about got the hang of the gym in the morning, but that sort of brakes me in more slowly…this class went from half asleep wit full on jumping up and down in about 2 mins…

However, it was a good class and I did enjoy it despite the sudden awakening! It was a Les mills class, (you know…the creators of Body Pump and Body Combat and whatnot) and it was HIIT training but with weights… the benefit was it was only 30mins and a sprint class so it was over pretty quickly. The draw back was it was only 30 mins and a sprint class so they packed as much in as possible!

It was during this class that I learned how odd mountain climbers and burpees are when you are simultaneously getting hit in the face by a tiny axe…

This axe…Just in case anyone was worried!

Yes of course I wear an axe as a pendant…it’s only fitting for a Warrior Goddess!! Just look at the site logo if you don’t believe me 😁

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