Food glorious food

Apparently a little bit of what you fancy does you good, but you can have too much of a good thing…

This is certainly true if you are me and we are talking about food! Unfortunately I go through periods of being unable to spot “too much” until it is but a distant signpost barely visible along the road I have just eaten my way down!


This was the road… it was exactly like that and I ate all of it! All of it I might add, over and above my normal meals plus a few more snack besides…

I am only slightly kidding…

I have really been eating a lot! There are reasons, anxiety related, comfort eating reasons but they are not good enough reasons really. I know it doesn’t help, I know it ultimately makes me unhappy and uncomfortable and needing to start all over again! However, I knew all of this and I ate it all anyway!

Until I stopped. Three weeks ago I decided enough was enough and I signed up for a 14 day fast fat loss challenge that popped up on FB run by a trainer I know. It is exactly the sort of “diet” I normally steer clear of and it is definitely not a long term solution but my reasons for doing it were sensible. I needed to do something drastic to break my terrible habits.

The challenge involved weighing in, measuring myself and following a meal plan (there were options) for 14 days then weighing and whatnot again.

It was awful!!! And to be completely fair to the trainer, she warned us it would be and said it wasn’t sustainable for more than 2 weeks…she was right!

The plan involved almost no carbs, and a total intake of about 12-1400 calories a day. Considering my BMR (the amount I need to function) is 1800 this was extremely low!

I did it though, I ate only what I was allowed and despite wanting to cry and kill people I didn’t at any point eat vast amounts of carbs!

Yesterday was the last day, I weighed and measured and you know what I managed to lose 3.6 kg (7.7lbs or 1/2 stone) and 5cm from my waist. All of this was awesome but the main gain for me was control!

I am absolutely not cutting carbs out permanently, it would only be a matter of time before I got fired, divorced and probably arrested if I did that!!

I am absolutely not going to stick to calories as low as 12-1400…

I am definitely not going to starve myself!

I have, however, worked out my BMR and calorie needs and figured out a sensible, sustainable calorie coal which will allow me to lose enough weight / size to be happy and comfortable doing the things I enjoy doing without pain. Well, without unnecessary pain, I am pretty sure running will always cause me pain 😀

It is nice to feel back in control, I just needed a kick up the bum!!

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,

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