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Good day chaps!

It has been all go around here recently I can tell you! I have just come from the Quantum Transportation lab, it was an absolutely marvellous send off, there were some extremely tasty salmon and sardine nibbly things and Lena made a first rate speech.

What’s that?

Oh dear me yes.. of course, you don’t know whats happening do you?

It was the final day of the Scottish Otters’ visit to the Holt today, and what an absolutely splendid day it was! We breakfasted like kings and spent the day touring the updated Quantum Transportation and Quantum Research labs.

The Quantum Transportation set up is quite impressive, tubes and whirly things everywhere and the giant pipes around the room look particularly fine. Some of them go out through holes in the bank and back in to a different room. I am told this is to do with…

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