The secret breakfast meeting

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The Otter Chronicles

Good day chaps! Splendid to see you again, this fine morning!

I find myself in quite simply a marvellous mood this morning, simply marvellous I tell you! I am not normally a morning otter, but I have finally made it to the bottom of the reports that have been piling up and the wonderful catering staff provided  Lucy Littlepaws and I with a splendid breakfast spread for our secret strategy meeting this morning. There were little shripmy snacks and sardine souffles there were even minnows in fancy pastry, a sort of minnow croissant if you will. I can’t tell you how good it all was! I think we should be having secret strategy meetings more often if this is the result!

Right then, enough snack talk, lets get down to business. The temporal team have been running some extremely successful forays into the future, intelligence gathering and the like all…

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