21 days of extreme godessing!

If I tell you I have signed up for a thing, I doubt very much any of you will be surprised!

No power in the ‘verse can stop me

I am on a mission at the moment to gain back what I have lost (fitness and enthusiasm) and lose what I have gained (fat) over the past year, and particularly the section since august…

I told you about my 2 week kickstart thingy, well this is a continuation on the this theme but done in a different way…

In the middle of last week, an advert for my gym popped up on my FB feed, I normally ignore FB adverts, especially ones for gyms I already go to, but this one caught my eye. They were offering a 21 day “shred” wight loss/fitness challenge, it seemed like an extremely good deal, with gym training sessions and a meal plan and support and the like all thrown in. So completely on impulse I signed up!
(that is more or less how I sign up for everything)

The challenge started on Saturday24th November and boils down to this:
3  small group training sessions at the gym
meal plan which must be followed
3 weigh ins
an accountability coach and lots of help and advice if you need it.
The goal at the end is to have lost 12.5 lbs (5.7 kg), and if you achieve it you get your deposit back.

All in all its a pretty good deal (even if you don’t get your money back…its still a lot)

I am at the half way point today, and it is not easy. The meal plan is good, it doesn’t leave you hungry but it is very strict and takes some adapting to. Carbs only at breakfast and lunch, none at dinner and only from a pretty short list. A short list but a fairly varied one, I don’t think there would be many people who couldn’t find something they liked 🙂 The principles it follows, super low sugar, low fat and having your bigger meals earlier in the day all make perfect sense, its just a mindset change really to move away from piling up the food last thing in the day.

The best thing, so far, for me is the small group training. I am doing this in addition to my training with Matt and I am now adding in runs as well as (of course) dancing 🙂
The small group training, however, has re-enthused me! I have mentioned on here pretty often how much I am struggling with motivation at the moment, especially for anything that isn’t lifting… but doing these classes has made me remember how much I like this sort of HIIT/circuit/jumping about sort of exercise!

So whatever happens to my weight at the end of this challenge, I know I have gained fitness, and I have, most importantly regained my enthusiasm for working out as hard as I can and eating healthy food! I have also met some lovely new people which is a bonus!

Apart from at my tiredest points, I am not even missing chocolate!


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