Flash Fiction 2: Smoke rings of my mind.

The second of my December flash fiction attempts ūüôā

Creative Endeavours

Second attempt at flash fiction in this challenge… the prompt was:
‚Äúthe smoke hung so thick in the library‚Äôs rafters that she could read words in it‚ÄĚ

Chloe lay on her back on the smooth wooden floor surrounded by the smell of old books and woodsmoke, she thought, not for the first time that the old library was the best place in the world. This time was different though, this time the peace of the place was somewhat marred by a distant buzz of people. People rushing, people stomping and quite possibly people yelling although that seemed quieter than she would expect.

She lay calm in the midst of the commotion looking up past the mezzanine levels filled with leather bound tomes to the ceiling where the oak beams showed the buildings skeleton. The smoke hung so thick in the library’s rafters she could read words in it, which struck…

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