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Janathon day 2: yoga hurts!!

Today I walked some walking, I danced some dancing and I yogaed some yoga…

and the general gist of it all was things made my ankle and my big toe hurt and I got a blister…

All my own fault mind you… walking around all day, including a lunchtime walk, in new, un-broken-in new rock boots was a mistake!!

Still good day really 😊 walking was full of wild life and dancing was fun…

Yoga nearly made me cry because my ankle hurt but I know that will get better…

Incidentally I had no idea my face looked like that when I took my yoga selfie… it sums it up so I left it in!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the yoga, but straight after the dancing it definitely hurt!!


  1. I very nearly decided to try a month of yoga for Janathon. But then I remembered how difficult it is and decided against it. But erm, I’m told “no pain, no gain”. And it sounds as if today is anything to go by, you’ll have gained quite a few bruises and blisters by the end of the month.

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