21 Days of extreme goddessing: The results!

This is not a janathon post…this is not even really a January post, this is a post from the end of December which I have only just realised that i forget to finish writing let alone actually post… I blame xmas!

In my last an earlier post I told you all about the latest thing I had signed up to… the Dual Strength and Fitness 21 day challenge .

In sort this was a challenge to lose 5.7 kg (12.5 lbs) in three weeks using the meal plan/ nutrition guide and exercise classes provided by the gym.

So I ate only what and when I was told to eat (there was a lot of turkey O_O and  a lot of protein, but I was allowed carbs most of the time so it wasn’t too bad). I did the required three HIIT exercise classes per week plus extra ones I sneaked in to plus other gym sessions plus running plus walking and dancing. I was the model pupil! Sadly I only lost 4 kg (8.8 lbs), bodies are strange I ate exactly the same food in the 2nd and 3rd week (the first differed slightly as I was put on the wrong plan…) and in the 2nd week lost 2.5kg and in the 3rd I lost 0.5kg. I couldn’t tell you what I did differently, possibly slightly more strength training and less cardio in week 3 but I think really it is just down to the fact that bodies do not react consistently and that weight/fat loss is really best measured over a longer term and general overall trends taken into account!

So technically I failed.

But in my mind and in real non-challenge life, I absolutely did not fail!

I went into this thing with my eyes open and I know that this level of weight loss in this short a time is extremely hard and impossible to predict.

I went into this thing wanting to increase my fitness and not only that but to increase my motivation, I totally achieved both of these things! I rediscovered a love like  appreciation of HIIT training and I managed to (more or less) stop myself snacking. TBH my snacking was madly out of control so this was the biggest win of the lot!

I also learned some things about myself, which I already knew really. This sort of challenge is not really for me…even in week two I was obsessed with food and the number on the scale. I know that for me this could lead to a “weightloss at all costs” mentality which is not very healthy.

However I have learned (remembered really) what I need to do to get a bit lighter, and a bit lighter is only the goal because it will help me do what I want to do (run/dance/walk 50km/lift/do burpees) and coincidentally, if I keep my eating sensible and controlled but not restrictive, it will also be a side effect of that I want to do 😀

Now all I need to do is carry on!!


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