Janathon day 3: a day of two halves…

I guess every day has two halves really but what I mean is there was quite a contrast between the morning and the afternoon!!

The contained a personal training session with Matt which involves lovely deadlifts and farmers walks along with a cardio circuit which involved burpees, core bag clean and presses and the dreaded air bike! It was hard and apparently Matt has decided that I meant what I said in my new year goals and has decided to make me work for them… good thing really because I do want to meet them 😊

Lunchtime saw me walking around in much more sensible shoes!! Nothing like as stylish but no more blisters which is good 😊 I found some hidden rocks too which was fun!!

The evening, in a complete contrast to the morning. (see…two halves) has contained day 2 of Yoga with Adrien’s new dedicate programme. Yoga is still hard but I feel so much better than yesterday!! I am so pleased because yesterday almost put me off wanting to do any more!! Today I feel better for doing the practice which is the point 😁

Seeee I am upside down but I am smiling today!

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