Janathon day 7: Cruel and unusual punishment

Well, I promised something unusual… so here goes.

I made it to the gym this morning…OK so that’s not *that* unusual these days, it is more unusual on a Monday. I was meeting a new person, she was on the 21 days of extreme godessing challenge with me and is now a member of the gym but didn’t necessarily want to go on her own. This did mean she got to do part of my lovely new programme with me… It was day 1 of my new programme from Matt and it was leg day.

Leg day is a good day under normal circumstances.

And it was a good day until right at the end when I was faced with the lovely instrument of torture known as the air bike. Up until then the whole thin had been lovely, with squats and sled pushes and lots of goodness like that. Then bam air bike…argh!!

For the uninitiated this is an air bike:

And this is my face when I have to use an air bike:

Note the unimpressed look!

Now, air bikes hard work, of course they are they are cycling and pulling your arms backwards and forwards like a 1980s exercise bike only less flimsy. That coupled with my general dislike of cardio in the gym make the whole thing bad enough. However, there is more…the thing is made for giants!! When you pedal, the handles go forwards and backwards so you can get your arms involved. The maximum forwards is just at the edge of my reach, and just beyond my reach whilst staying sensibly on the seat. All this means that while I am attempting to flail about on this machine, the machine is attempting to deposit me on the floor!

I did it though, 10 rounds of 30s sensible, 30s all out fall on the floor go! It wasn’t fun, but it was probably good for me…

evil airbike
Turns out I am not the only one that hates them…

Not to break with tradition too far, I went for a walk at lunchtime 😀 It was very pleasant and I had my friend Penny to talk to 🙂

There will be yoga later…I promise and I may well put up another post about it…but for now this is me saying avoid the air bike if you possibly can O_O


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