Janathon day 10: “rest” day

I am always tired Thursday… something to do with lat dancing and early morning sports massage…

Well today was sports massage sometimes it is just not enough sleep…

Anyway… because of the tired Thursday thing, I designated Thursday a rest day. However, because of Janathon, and 30 days of yoga and the fact that I am bad at rest, my rest day involved 2 walks and some yoga 🙂

My first walk was at lunchtime, with Penny and we met a cat who came and had its head stroked and went meew…

Didn’t seem to have a quest for us though…

The second walk was a kind of amble really…but it was in a dark park…

Yoga was much better today than yesterday 😁 much less ouch and my biggest achievement was to sit cross legged for a shot while without it hurting… we’ll sort of cross legged…

Look I even took a picture of it…that is as close to cross legged as I get 😂

2 thoughts on “Janathon day 10: “rest” day

  1. “Meew” sounds interesting. Perhaps it was granting you special powers for the day? Being able to sit cross legged being one of them. Did you notice any other strange abilities?

    If not, then it must just be your tenacity enabling you to finally get into that pose. well done 🙂

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    1. My goodness yes!!
      He must have been a power up cat!
      It explains why I was more awake after meeting him… energy boost plus temporary ability to cross my legs…

      In my head…this seems a much more likely explanation than anything else 😁😁

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