Guess what…

Well this is not going to be a big surprise either tbh…

I have signed up for another gym/fitness challenge. This one is run by Iron Warriors Lifting. 


The general gist of this challenge is as follows; for a (really quite reasonable) fee you get given:
Workouts (which I intend to do alongside my own lifting programme and my yoga.
Nutrition information
Support from other people on the challenge
Help if needed from the people running the challenge.
you also have to do 20-40 mins of cardio every day… arrgh!

Yay I thought I do stuff already this will be great and I will get extra workouts to throw in which I like and this will help me control my nutrition which is good…then bam that cardio thing registered.

runIt is not a bad thing though, not really…it just means I have to run, every day! which will actually help me get back on track for the 10k training I am supposed to be doing. But still…runnign every day sounds quite daunting…

The upside to this whole thing is extra fat loss and extra fitness which can only make me a better dancer and a stronger warrior goddess. Plus, part of the fee went into a pot and that pot becomes prize money for the person judged most improved by the end of the challenge…

So yay money! (if I win…which I am definitely going to try to do…)

No, there is absolutely no such thing as taking on too much…


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