Janathon day 16: and then there was dancing…

Dancing and dancing and dancing… morris practice is always on a Wednesday and I frequently forget to take photos…

but anyway I am finally before feel like a proper dancer again rather than an injured dancer 😁😁

Before the dancing (way before… and before work too) there was a trip to the gym… it was a good one too…I did one of my workouts from my new programme which involved bench press, push press and barbell rows after a bit of a walk on a treadmill to warm up. Actually the treadmill was a terrible choice of warm up equipment, not only because they are terrifying but also because they mainly involve leg movements which is not ideal before an upper body work out…

In my defence it was very early and the programme said “any cardio warm up…”

Lots of good barbell fun 😁

And then much later, even later than dancing there was yoga…

I think yoga after dancing is hard. My legs are achy and my ankles hurt a bit after all the step hopping and then I ask them to do hard things like sit cross legged…

Apparently all yoga on a Wednesday is goi g to contain much more sitting cross legged than other days!! I sort of managed it though in a not really sitting cross legged sort of way…

All in all not a bad Wednesday 😁

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,

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