Janathon day 19: a wassail a wassail a jolly wassail…

Hello, I apologise for the lack of post yesterday, there was a lack of almost anything yesterday as I had some sort of sick/dizzy headache thing which in retrospect was probably a migraine but I haven’t had those for long so I forget what they are like…

however by mid afternoon today I was feeling considerably better and got out with mythago for our annual wassail at a local community orchard 🙂

It is a really good evening with dancing from us and a traditional Sussex wassail or apple howl with singing and yelling and making a racket to scare the evil spirits away from the apple trees!

There was even the traditional dip some toast in cider and hang it on the tree ceremony. The idea of this is that any remaining evil spirits will be drawn to the cider and stick to the bits of toast then get carried away by the birds!

It’s actually quite hard to take a picture of toast in a tree in the dark…

Apparently someone else managed it better but they weren’t holding a bowl of cider for toast to be dipped in…

I am also happy to say that I danced out a sensible amount of dances! The most since my ankle and I think I can now be considered a fully functioning member of the side again 😊 this makes me happy, but does mean I don’t have a picture of any dancing for you…

Post wassail the only thing left to do for the way is of course yoga…

Ok that’s not actually traditional but I did it anyway 😁 yoga dedicate day 18. I am absolutely definitely making progress!! I can do more every day I do this 😊

Probably still can’t sit cross legged though 😂

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,


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