Janathon day 22: a Tuesday of many activities!

Today started with PT which involved squats and sled pushes, which are some of my favourite things so that was an excellent start 😁

Lunchtime involved running…

I tried out my old running shoes because my calves hurt yesterday, my calves were fine today but my feet hurt a lot…so I have no idea what shoes to wear now…

Still I managed the run despite hurt feets which is definitely an improvement!!

To top all of that off I have just done day 21 of the yoga challenge. It was a good one today, quite tough on my feet in places but really good 😊

I was watched by an extremely small cat too which is slightly off putting 😊

In between all of this activity, I managed to do a days work and go to a pottery class… I think some sort of sleep may be in order very soon!!

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