Janathon day 23: indecisiveness…

I spent the whole morning today trying to decide hat tondo with the exercise for the day… dancing and yoga were set but I was trying to work out what else I could fit in and when…

It caused me much consternation…I even asked the world of Facebook…

In the end, I went for a walk and it was a good brisk possibly fierce walk in which I got to chat to my friend Penny 😊

There was of course dancing and I, of course forgot to take any pictures… it was awesome though and I am definitely back at almost full strength as a dancer 😊

Here’s me dancing in a mask (which we don’t actually do at practice) in case you have forgotten.

Today’s yoga was both good and hard, it seems that yoga is always harder after dancing, probably because I am really tired and my feet ache! I did it and I liked it so that is a definite plus! I could’t do the side planks properly but I managed a modified version 🙂 I liked the concept of today’s practice which was steadiness, it was nice to be slow and still even if I was slow and still in a pose I wasn’t used to!

I was watched by an extremely comfy looking cat again too 😊

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