Janathon day 24: cosy foxes and a super helpful cat!

Today was cold! When I went out to my car this morning it told me it was -4 degrees! It was chilly, but it made up for it by being pretty 😊

So pretty, that I stopped to take pictures…

Despite the cold, I did manage to get out for a run πŸ™‚ this was helped quite a lot by some lovely thermal leggings by Sturdy by Design πŸ™‚ they were extremely cosy and also very foxy…

The run was ok, for the first half I thought I was improving, then during the second half my calves started hurting a lot… I am not sure how to fix this…

This evening’s yoga featured the same foxy leggings and an appearance by an extremely helpful cat…

Apparently standing on me and trying to eat my elbow is a fun thing to do 😁

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